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25% Discount Off Soldeu & El Tarter Ski & Snowboard Rentals

We can save you lots of money when you rent skis or snowboards! In Soldeu we bring you 25% discount on all rentals throughout the winter from Sports Calbo, and if you are staying in El Tarter, we are working with Nordic Esports to offer 25% discount on your rental equipment all season!

In addition to these discounts, we give you an extra €10 off per person if you book your lift pass at the same time for a minimum of five days. This increases to a €20 discount per person if you book group lessons as well!

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Soldeu Ski Rental - Sports Calbo Rental Shop

We work with Sports Calbo because of their reputation for excellent service, their location, and their huge selection of equipment. Their shop is found right in the centre of Soldeu, in the same building as the gondola to access the slopes, meaning that the shop is extremely convenient. On the ground floor they have a big shop where you can purchase clothing and accessories, but walk down the ramp or take the lift to -1 where you will see the Sports Calbo rental shop.

El Tarter Ski Rental - Nordic Esports Rental Shop

In El Tarter we have chosen to work with Nordic Esports as they have a fantastic location, right next to the slopes, plus they have a great choice of equipment. Their shop is just above the ticket windows, where they also have a snack bar.

How To Book

Visit the online shop by clicking the blue button below. Using, your booking is completely flexible as you can book snowboard hire or ski hire from just one day and you'll still benefit from fantastic discounts. No matter if you've booked an independent holiday or if you booked your travel and accommodation through a tour operator and want six days from Monday to Saturday, your booking with makes total sense both for your wallet and for convenience.

When you book, you'll be given a link to your customer area where you can download and print your vouchers. Just hand in your rental voucher at either Sports Calbo or Nordic Esports, depending on where you have booked, and you will be fitted with your gear.

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Here are our top five reasons for booking you ski or snowboard hire through us:

Soldeu Ski Hire & Snowboard Hire

On your winter holiday, unless you have several trips per season, you will probably find ski hire or snowboard hire both easier and better value than bringing your own equipment, so we've put together a guide telling you what to expect.

Before you travel, check you have your weight & your height measurements to hand, preferably in metric although if you just have imperial measurements then staff should have conversion tables in the hire shop.

Snowboard boot At the Soldeu ski hire shop, firstly you will have your boots fitted and it is important you have them correctly fitted to ensure that you feel comfortable and are safe on the slopes. Usually snowboard boots are soft and are fastened with either laces or "dial up", twisting a dial to tighten them. Ski boots are hard and are normally fastened with buckles. Your boot fitter will make sure they fit correctly before you move on to getting your snowboard or skis fitted.

Discount ski rental Soldeu When being issued your skis or snowboards there are many factors that help to decide how long they will be including your experience, height and weight, then your bindings will be fitted to your boots. Those of you going snowboarding need to know whether you ride "regular", ie. with your left foot forward, or "goofy", ie. with your right foot forward. This impacts on how your bindings will be set. Snowboard boots securely fit in to the bindings, and attached to one should be a leash which wraps around your leg and clips in to place when you ride. If you are skiing, your bindings are fitted to length of the boot, followed by the DIN setting which is adjusted according to your experience and your weight. A ski binding is designed to release the ski when enough pressure is applied, normally when you take a tumble!

If you're on skis, the last things to collect are your poles. To check the size, with your ski boots on, turn one of your poles upside down placing your hand just under the plastic bit near the bottom (the basket) - your arm should be at a 90 degree angle.

Your rental equipment will have serial numbers etched or possibly stuck on and it is definately worth noting them down to ensure that you keep a track of your skis, snowboards and boots throughout your stay! This is particularly important to make sure your ski boots fit your bindings plus that the bindings are set correctly. Also, when your return your equipment at the end of your stay the hire shop will check to ensure you are returning the correct equipment.

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Happy to Help

If you've got any questions regarding booking snowboard hire or ski hire with us, take a look at the ski hire section of our forum where you able to post any questions or post on our Facebook page.




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